Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wow I need to podt more often

Hey its been awhile. Anime iowa is all done and now its on to planning the next big thing.  I'll podt pictures soon

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Post AI and new excitement.

Well, AnimeIowa ended today, and I had a blast.  Seeing everyone dressed up with their props has given me the motivation to work hard, and given me more ideas to work on.  Coming up, I'll be working on a MSD sized TARDIS for my BJD whom is being dressed to look like the 10th doctor.  I will also be working on a keyblade, making atleast one portal gun, I have all I need for two, so both if time allows, and hopefully finish up the kairi keyblade.  I also want to return to my River Song's diary and remake it, along with remaking the Chrome trident.  I'm also considering getting a table at AI next year, so I will be working on having a stock of items to sell.  So much to do and so little time...ok, I have a year,  but I'm sure atleast half of that will be procrastinated away, lol.

  For AI this year, I had finished my 3rd Hiei sword, and I must admit, I liked it, still have to make the shealth though, I didn't like how it was turning out at all.

I have what I need to make River Song's Alpha Mason blaster, and want to try making a vortex manipulator as well...but I'm not too sure about leather work. I also came up with an idea for Riku's keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 2 that I hope to start soon.

With all this work to be done, I need to upgrade my tools.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a bandsaw, I have a scroll saw, and I love it, but a bandsaw will help a lot.  I'm finally getting a proper shop to work in, I'll have the whole basement to myself and a lot of room for everything I need.  I even came up with a great idea for a paint chamber in there, and I keep testing my skills with an airbrush, so things will look a lot better. 

Well I think that's all for now.  I have the day off tomorrow, so I'll probably spend that seeing what I have material wise and get a list of what I need and go from there.  Wish me luck.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Its May already? oh crap

Wow, its been awhile since I posted.  Well, let's see, what has been going on.

  Currently I'm getting stuff set up for AI 2012.  Hotel room is booked, and the room guest list is getting together.  So since all the fun stuff is done, now its time to do some work.

I'm currently working on another Hiei Sword from YuYu hakusho.  Yes, another one.  Why?  Well, the one I made for my friend Nina was apparently so great, it was stolen from her, so I'm making another one, and taking what I've learned lately, and making it even better.

Since Nina will also be having a table at AI, I'm going to be working on a few things for her to sell, like a basic keyblade.  I'm also hoping to finish reworking the Kairi keyblade I made last year, touch it up a little, and have some of those for her to sell. 

  I've also been looking at making some new armor.  I'm thinking of trying out Sheperd's Armor from Mass Effect.  I've never played the games, but it looks like fun, and I'd wear it.

There are so many cool weapons and gadgets out there, and I want to make them all.

I was thinking about trying to make a portal gun.  If anything, I want to get it done before a good friend of mine leaves for college.  She is uber obsessed with portal, and if its easy enough, I could make more.  With NECA making limited toy ones(only 5000) those that have them are selling them for a lot, so now is a good time to make a good one.

 There is a lot more I want to try to make, but priorities have to be set first, Hiei sword is basically a commission, and the keyblades and anything else I make for the table at AI are tops right now, then the portal gun hopefully.  I have room for commissions if there's anything that needs done before AI, but it'll have to be brought up to me soon, otherwise I won't have time.

And now, for your enjoyment, the original Kairi Keyblade that I never posted pictures of.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's new, and what's old.

Been awhile since I posted, and right now, I'm not doing much.  Current projects...Well nothing really...For fun, i'm working on Space Marine armor, and working on plans for Megaman X armor, and a concept for Protoman X armor.    I want to make some keyblades, Riku's keyblade is being planned right now, and I have some concept sketches for a new Kairi Keyblade, not the flower one, though I will remake the Kairi keyblade I was making for my friend for AI.

I need some suggestions and ideas.  Or if anyone wants a commission, there's a link to the right of this that will lead you to the commission form.  So feel free to fill it out and or ask questions.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Halloween Town Kairi Keyblade finished.

Finally finished the Halloween town keyblade.   Came together pretty quickly.  And i'm quite pleased with it.

and the customer seems very excited about it

Now its time to finished up a kaleidascope and another keyblade and repoman's helm.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finished a few projects for Anime-Zing

I wasn't sure i'd finish on time, but i just made it.  stayed up until 2am and woke up at 6am to get finished

Hitsaguya's Sword

And Chun li's Bracers

I also made Uryu's bow, but forgot the pictures.  oops XD

oh well.  on to the next projects.

I have about a month and a half to complete 4 things...wish me luck.

up next

Kairi's keyblade
Repo's helm
Halloween Town Kairi's keyblade
Sailor Moon Kaleidoscope.